Bespoke Coffins

When it comes to a funeral with bespoke coffins from P & S Gallagher, almost the only thing that is likely to limit you is your imagination. Our custom coffins are individually designed and constructed to represent a personal and very unique tribute to the person being celebrated.

Amongst our suppliers is a company that makes traditionally shaped coffins that can be decorated with personalised images and photos to represent the character of your loved one, such as significant events, places or people.

Alternatively, the craftsmen at another of our local suppliers can build a coffin for your loved one in just about any shape. That means you can have a coffin in the shape of a car, a guitar or a boat – whatever best represents the unique character of the deceased.

When you want to say your goodbyes to your loved one in a way that will make the ceremony truly personal, bespoke coffins from P & S Gallagher are the perfect solution. If you live in Haywards Heath, Burgess Hill or Mid Sussex, get in touch with our friendly and experienced team today to find out more.

Colourful Coffins